Our top #funhacks to help make travelling with little explorers that bit easier

  • Don’t forget the snacks! A hungry little one isn’t a happy one, so pack a selection of healthy snacks to avoid hangry meltdowns in the car, on the train or plane.
  • Be prepared: It can be tricky finding healthy choices at popular attractions so to be safe pack a wonder-filled lunchbox for your little traveller.
  • Travel tastes: If you’re heading abroad try taking the family out to eat somewhere that serves the local food to try before you go.
  • DIY dining: Look for hotels with self-service dining so little ones can try lots of different things, making meal times more fun!
  • Self-catering: Whether camping or in a villa, cook meals that the whole family can eat together. Be sure to check out local restaurants too, so you can all enjoy dining out.

Surviving the journey!

  • Ride on luggage: is the perfect travelling companion, your little traveller can sit on it in queues, and when they’re just too tired to walk anymore - the strap means you can just pull them along!
  • Travel snacks: A hungry little one isn’t a happy one, so keep their energy levels up with a healthy snack to avoid a meltdown through slow moving traffic jams and never-ending motorway trips.
  • Take-off and landing: If travelling with babies it’s a good idea to let them suck on something to stop ears popping – try a teething toy or a bottle.
  • Changing bag: For long haul flights it’s worth having a change of clothes for you and your baby -, there’s nothing worse than sitting on a plane in dirty clothes!  A hat, and an extra layer is a good idea too as in-flight air conditioning can be chilly!
  • Toys, books and more toys! Pack lots as the more you have for your little one to do the better.Download cartoons and games onto your tablet, keeping little explorers occupied and giving you a bit of peace and quiet!
  • Weigh up driving at night or setting off at the crack of dawn to try and get little ones to sleep in the car.