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At Organix, we're serious about natural food and respect for its heritage. To us, it's an important part of raising a healthy eater. That's why we only use ingredients that you'll have stacked in your kitchen cupboard. And surely, we add a little bit of love.


Our wide range of baby and toddler food is completely organic: From fruit jars for breakfast to oven-baked puffs and dinner in a jar. And did you make sure to bring some rice cakes for a little snack and a fruit pouch for on the go? Find us on the baby shelf in your supermarket!

New: Fun & flex(itarian) meals!

Enjoying a varied diet is not only healthy, it’s fun too! Eating from across all food groups lets your tiny one discover a bunch of different flavours. Besides, eating varied – and especially less meat or fish – is better for our world. Our organic baby food jars are created from balanced sources of plant-based and  animal-based protein. That way, your little one eats less fish and meat, and as an added bonus, they get used to the taste and texture of plant-based protein. No nasties added, absolutely organic.

Also new are our fruit jars. They're filled with 100% delicious fruit. We stuffed them all the way to the top with goodness, and left no space for any nasties. Each bite welcomes your little into the wondrous world of organic fruit!

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They are delicious, fun and organic: our snacks, puffs and pouches. And let's not forget about our brand new fruit- and meal jars! You know, whichever way you slice it, natural and organic food is just the tastiest! 

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