Keep scrolling to discover how our food goes from farm to fork!


It all starts with a seed an organic one of course! Planted in healthy soil, to grow big and strong. Without artificial fertilisers or pesticides.

All of the farmers who grow our ingredients are certified organic. This means they follow strict rules on how soil is managed, what they can and can’t use to help grow their crops, and the animal welfare standards they must follow.

Organic farms are wonderful places for nature and biodiversity. Birds, bees and other wildlife love to call them home.


The crops are harvested and processed to create tasty organic ingredients that we use to make our foods. Like maize that’s milled into flour. Or fresh fruit dried to make pure fruit powders.

Just like our farmers, the producers we source our ingredients from are certified organic. They produce all our ingredients to special baby food standards too.

Altogether we source around 200 ingredients from around 100 farmers and producers, and can trace each ingredient back to the field it came from within a matter of hours.


Our food is expertly made by our trusted manufacturing partners, following tried and tested Organix recipes, developed with love and care.

Our team at Organix come up with lots of great ideas for scrummy new foods. We work closely with our partners to get each recipe just right and do lots of taste testing to make sure it’s delicious, nutritious, and safe. Our team have been known to do as many as 400 tests on just one food. They’re serious foodie perfectionists!

Making food to Organix standards is no mean feat. As well as meeting organic rules, our partners follow our quality and safety standards, which are British Retail Consortium certified. They also sign up to our ethical Code of Conduct and they’re members of Sedex – the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange. Many of them are eco trailblazers, with on-site solar or wind power and water saving schemes. All of them share our passion for tasty, healthy, sustainable food.


Delivered from warehouse to stores from our central warehouse to all corners of the UK and beyond. Coordinating with retailers to keep road miles and carbon emissions down.

Our warehouse in the Midlands has efficient LED lighting and solar panels on the roof. Our distribution partner is a pioneer of low carbon transport and they’re trialling new biogas trucks as part of a UK government scheme. They work closely with our retail customers to make deliveries efficient and avoid empty trucks on the roads.


Ready to be enjoyed by little ones, with parents happy that they’ve made a good choice. And that no hidden nasties are lurking inside their child’s food.

Our packs have clear labelling and easy to recognise ingredients, making it easy for parents to know what is and isn’t going into their little one’s tummies. Our ingredients add up to 100%, with no exceptions, and we use on average just six ingredients in our foods.

Every one of our packs shows the Soil Association’s certified organic symbol and our No Junk Promise. In any foods that contain palm oil, we show the RSPO logo, so that parents can trust it’s from a sustainable source.

We display the recycling logo on our cardboard packs, to remind people to pop them in the recycling bin. Our aim, in the next few years, is to make all of our packaging fully sustainable.