As your little one grows their sense of adventure does too, and from around 6 to 12 months they’ll be open to trying new tastes. This is often called the weaning window.

Research shows that babies who are offered a wide variety of tastes and textures at this age are more likely to eat a range of foods later in childhood. Don’t worry though it may take 10-15 tries for your baby to get used to new tastes, so keep trying! There will be days when they eat more, some when they eat less, and then days when they reject everything – this is normal.


Try introducing new textures, colours and variety gradually so your little one can develop the mouth control they need.


Shape up! A slice of cheese, a tube of pasta or an orange segment are all exciting new shapes and your little learner will want to grip and grab. As they do so, they are boosting their hand-eye coordination and motor skills.


At this stage your little one will want to play and experiment with food. This is great for their development so here are some fun ideas to try!

Tongue twister

Your baby might like to chew your fingers. Move them to the side of their mouth and watch their tongue move side to side to meet your finger. It’s a skill they’ll need for chewing.

Lick your lips

Pop a bit of yogurt on the corner of your baby’s mouth and lips, encourage them to lick it off – if you can show them in a mirror so they can see what they’re doing.

Finger painting

Finger paint with red pepper, hummus or crushed up fruit – lick your fingers and try to get your baby to lick theirs too!


Mirror mirror

Use a mirror to make a funny face, kiss it or blow raspberries encouraging your little learner to copy.